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What I’m working on lately…

Hats.  To be specific hats  for one year olds.

It all began as a project for our church harvest festival,

and now I can’t seem to stop myself.  The idea was that

I would make 12 hats, one for each month/season of

the year and offer them all as a set in a gift basket to be

used in the auction.   Hats, by the way, are a great

project for any knitter because you can make them

as simple or as complicated as you like.  For some, I

used Kits from the shop.  For others I made a basic hat

and then found a pattern I liked and used a  duplicate

stitch to apply it to the hat.  Depending on the

complexity of the project you can work on them

almost anywhere.  Basic hats are nice for keeping my

hands busy during TV watching, more complicated hats

keep me from getting bored.

These projects are very portable and quick to complete

so there is a real sense of accomplishment.  Plus, I am

having a lot of fun matching the hats to the season and

months.  What are you working on lately?



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Flounce is here

It seems the latest craze in the knitting world is

working with yarn that creates ruffles.  We have

gotten in 6 colors of Flounce yarn and are having

fun experimenting with it.  Each skein is $11.99 has

enough yardage for one scarf.  Create you own fun

fall scarf or make one up as a gift.  Stop in the shop

and check out the great selection of colors.

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Sure signs autumn is nearly here: The kids are back at school, nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and there are new cooler weather yarns in at the Lamb’s Wool.  It’s time to pull out the larger needles and cast on a new fall sweater or vest.  Or maybe it’s time to put together a list of projects you are considering for holiday gift giving.  Felted items make for quick and easy projects. For some other great ideas, check out the latest projects in Interweave Knits Holiday gifts edition now available at the shop.

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