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What is Amigurumi?


I’m what I think of as a fairly practical knitter.  I tend to knit things that are useful and that, once knitted, will actually get used.  Sweater vests for my sons. (one son out of three will wear and seem to appreciate them).  Hats for babies, which sometimes the parents actually put on their children’s heads.  Socks, for a select group of people who enjoy the funky striped patterns I knit for them… practical knitting.  So, it was a complete surprise to me that I have found a new passion in Amigurumi.
What is Amigurumi?  It’s the Japanese art of crafting stuffed crochet or knit toys that are usually made into animals, dolls and inanimate objects. Sooo not my thing.  Except it is.  See, I saw a pattern for this cute little red-and-white mushroom… Suddenly, I was nostalgic for the German glass Christmas tree ornaments of my youth.  The mushroom was one of my favorites.  And here was a replica knitted up in yarn.  I simply had to make one.  One became three.  And then I was busily making other little knitted critters featured in the book of patterns I had picked up.  Now, I won’t say it’s become an obsession but I think it’s become a little bit of an obsession.  I made a whole swarm of bumble bees.  Why?  I knew some teenagers who are into that Transformer character called Bumble Bee.  They made me make some.
Oh, and the hedgehog.  Cutest little thing you’ve ever seen.  My mother-in-law fancies them.  She spent some time living in Holland, see, and they would hang out on her back patio.  That hedgehog made the cutest tree ornament. Really, it did.
Oh, and it is a great way to use up little bits of yarn.  Not that I’ve been using up bits of yarn.  I bought whole skeins of just the right colors to make all the creatures I wanted to make. That’s sort of how I knew it was heading into the obsession ballpark.  Well, that and the fact I have an ever-growing menagerie of cute stuffed knitted toys that are neither practical nor useful.  They are, however, fun.  And knitting should always be fun. Don’t you agree?

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