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Fun with sock yarn

You know something has staying power when it’s been around a really long time. Take for instance, Regia sock yarn. It was the first sock yarn Betty and Liz brought into the shop and it’s still one of their best sellers. New this fall, Regia has published some adorable pattern books featuring socks as well as the sweetest sweaters, vests,hats even complete outfits for the babies in your life. The books are very affordable at $5.99 each. If babies aren’t your thing then check out the book filled with patterns for gloves, socks, shawls and more for the adults in your world. Regia sock yarn is also very nicely priced. A 50gr ball of Regia, Extra Twist Merino Color sells for 9.50.

We also have some beautiful Hand-dye Effect Regia in many different color combinations.100gr ball sells for $15.95.

Besides being very affordable, Regia sock yarn is very washable and very wearable. Check out the books and yarn the next time you’re in the shop.

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