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We’ve got some new yarn from the Skacel Collection.   Tamarillo is 100% Cotton tape with a soft hand, lovely drape and multicolor slubs for interest.   It comes in a variety of fresh colors and would make a beautiful summer weight sweater, such as the tunic pattern which is available on the Skacel Collection website.


New yarn – Tamarillo.

Product Details:
•100% Cotton
• 142 yards per 50 gram ball
• US 6-8 needles
• 4-5 mm needles
• 5 sts per inch

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We have some new Kudo space-dye yarn from Plymouth which comes in a variety of bright colorways. Kudo Yarn Colorways

Kudo is a lovely cotton blend yarn that knits up into stripes with a great tweedy look.  It makes up nicely into a sweater.

Sweater made from Kudo yarn.

Content: 55% Cotton/40% Rayon/5% Silk

Care: Hand Wash, Dry Flat

Weight/Yardage: 100g/198yd

Gauge: 4.5 sts = 1″ on US 7

Knitting Weight: Worsted

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I bet that got your attention.  But before you start to stress about all the gifts you are going to have to give, I want you to think, for just a moment, about about the gift you’d like to get.  Can you picture it?  Good.  Now lets talk about how we make that a reality.  #1. Experience has taught me that it’s best not to be shy or coy or anything but extremely bold about what I’m hoping for as the holidays approach.  My husband loves me.  But he has no clue about what gift to give me.  This is evidenced by a few of the gifts I have received over the years.  After a few tries at what he thought was perfectly reasonable gift giving he gave up and told me, “Buy what you want, I’ll wrap it up and everyone will be happy.”  To which I reply.  “I won’t really be happy.”  You see, at least for me, part of the joy of  gift giving and getting is not always knowing what is in all those packages.  I do know  because I’m almost always the one who has bought and wrapped all of them.  I want to be surprised.  It’s a conundrum, I know.  I want a good gift but I don’t want to have to buy it myself.  I want it to be obvious to the man who shares my life what sort of gift I am hoping for.  I don’t really want to put a picture of it on the vanity mirror so he sees it while shaving one morning.  Alas, what am I to do?…

Well, I found a solution to this vexing problem.  I filled out a wish list at the Lambs Wool and told my wonderful hubby that he should check it out someday.  Now, I spend a lot of time at the shop, and I spend a lot of time knitting, so really my dear sweet husband should not have needed this kind of nudging but hey, after the  OV glove Christmas,  I was no longer too proud to prod.  That’s my suggestion.  The ladies at the Lamb’s Wool will hand you a form.  You fill it out. Then you  print out directions to the shop and sneak them into your significant others briefcase, lunch box, whatever and leave him a note that says  “Mall Schmall, honey. This year I’ve made it easy for you.  Talk to these ladies.”  Hey, it can’t hurt!

And just in time for the approaching holidays The Lamb’s  Wool is going to be offering some new tote bags. They are a quilted bag, in three different varieties.  There’s the Betty Bag, the Liz Bag and the Lamb’s Wool Bag.  Each features inside pouches just the right size for holding needles, etc.

Stop in and check them out.  You could put them on your wish list.  You know the list that’s going to make your spouse a hero this year.


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Flounce is here

It seems the latest craze in the knitting world is

working with yarn that creates ruffles.  We have

gotten in 6 colors of Flounce yarn and are having

fun experimenting with it.  Each skein is $11.99 has

enough yardage for one scarf.  Create you own fun

fall scarf or make one up as a gift.  Stop in the shop

and check out the great selection of colors.

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