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Betty and I have just sent out or first electronic Baa Baa Blabbler. It went out with modest success. We had too many bounce backs for the host and they had to suspend our account temporarily. They thought that we were spammers. Which you all know that we are not. Our account is back in good standings again, but what I need you to do is to go onto the new link and sign up for our e newsletter. That will keep the spam police at bay and let you receive our newsletter with out any problems. Thank you for your help and I hope that you enjoy the e newsletters that follow. We hope to send one about once a month. Please let us know what you think and what you would like to see in our newsletters.


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Hi!   It’s been a couple of weeks since we talked.

Just today the  Addi Swing Hook  from Skacel  arrived, that are advertised in the Spring Interweave Crochet 2011. If you have not heard about them, we need to talk.  If you crochet and have arthritis in your hands, these hooks are for you.  They are designed to fit easily into your hands so  you will be able to crochet for hours with out you hands hurting.

We have the hooks in sizes from C to J.  Size A and B will be available soon. The price is $13.50 a hook.  Stop in to see and try them.

“BLING IS BACK.”  Bight Colorful Fun Yarns  with names like Confusion and Bewitched from Plymouth and Macaibo from Schulana to made light scarfs and cowls to accent your spring outfits.   Big needles and fun yarn made a project finished in a day.  Stop in to see our projects on display.

May is Share a Project Month.  Bring us a project made with our yarns and we’ll display it for the month of May.  By popular vote maybe your project will win First Place. We would like your project in the store by April  30.


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